Gladiator Matrix Game Day SINGLES – Baker’s Dozen Bulk Pack


Gladiator Matrix GAMEDAY is designed by strength athletes for strength athletes. It provides peak performance during your intense workouts; it's also great for fueling strength competitions, such as Highland Games, Powerlifting Meets, Strongman Competitions, and others. It works by giving your body more of what it needs to perform: A wide spectrum of 13 Amino Acids and 4 key electrolytes, immediately bio-available.

Gladiator Matrix improves your performance AND supports optimum muscle recovery for maximum strength gains.

All components of the Matrix are non-GMO and/or organic to minimize inflammation which truly maximizes gains by minimizing your internal overhead. Plus, Gladiator Matrix contains no added fillers or colors.

If you are serious enough to supplement your training, shouldn't you put only the highest quality ingredients in your body?

Review of New User:
As a long-time strength athlete and healthcare professional, I often get asked my (valued but often unqualified) opinion on various supplements. In an industry that can be very deceptive and mostly about advertising, I can honestly say Carpe Omnia Performance’s Gladiator Matrix is one of the best products I have ever tried. I appreciate the all natural ingredients, no nonsense labeling, and the fact that there is no fillers/artificial colors etc. Best of all, I have noticed a considerable uptick in capacity when performing high intensity activities, especially with extended periods of time. Thank you Terri and Carpe Omnia Performance for putting out such a quality product!!!
~Jon Hereth, Highland Athlete & Healthcare Professional; Captain of #TeamSouth2019




NEW! This bulk pack contains 13 convenient SINGLES to stuff in your gym bag and car, taking Matrix with you on the road, ensuring you are on top of your game each and every day! Give your body what it craves, ensuring that you perform at your optimum, whether at work, home or flying around the world.

Gladiator Matrix GAMEDAY is a higher carb, Intra-Workout supplement designed by strength athletes for strength athletes. It should be taken DURING your competitions to provide peak performance in events such as Highland Games, Strongman/woman, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, and Crossfit competitions. Similarly, it is also great for fueling your toughest workouts and/or improving your heat tolerance while active during the dog days of summer, or during any extreme physical activity.

It’s unique, all-natural, formulation works by giving your body more of what it needs to perform – 13 Amino Acids and 4 key electrolytes – all of which is IMMEDIATELY bio-available when mixed according to package directions. This immediate availability is extremely unique – most sports drinks are too concentrated to hydrate. Either variety of Gladiator Matrix hydrates and nourishes your bio-systems instantly.

We also work hard to bring you the best quality ingredients in order to keep inflammation-causing ingredients out of your workout, and your body. The naturally sourced ingredients do not contain the inflammation-causing contaminants typically found in commercially-produced and widely-used food sources, including glyphosate, hormones, and other chemicals, like herbicides & pesticides.

Gladiator Matrix GAMEDAY gives you a competitive edge AND supports optimum muscle recovery for maximum strength gains. Its formula has been in private testing for nearly four years, and it is now ready to benefit YOU.

This SINGLE package contains enough Gladiator Matrix GAMEDAY goodness for ONE BIG, or three smaller competition doses. Feel free to use it in smaller quantities, as your work load and/or energy level dictates. NEW! Resealable Packaging will stay fresh for days if not longer, allowing you to use exactly Matrix the way you prefer and to always have it with you.

Give NEW! Gladiator Matrix Performance SINGLES a try today!



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Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 7.5 × 2.5 in

Organic Pineapple, Raspberry Limeade, Grape (non-GMO), Assorted Flavors